Month: April 2020

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Covid-19 Trading Online Voucher

As of 8th April, the government made a number of business supports available, due to the economic impact of Covid-19. One of these supports is the Trading Online Voucher.

Does my business qualify?

This is available for all business sectors that have;

  • up to 10 employees
  • have little or no online presence
  • turnover is less than €2m
  • Trading for at least 6 months

Its purpose is to assist companies with the process to trade more online. This will enable these companies to increase sales and reach new clients/customers due to the impact of Covid-19.

What financial support is available?

Financial support of up to €2,500 with 10% funding from company is available for training and advice to help your business trade online.

What can we use vouchers for?

Vouchers can be used towards IT consultation;

  • Development/Upgrade of website
  • Implementation of online payment facilities and/or booking systems
  • Software
  • App development
  • Developing & Implementing marketing strategies
  • Training
  • Costs associated with online retail platforms subscriptions
  • Online Advertising costs (conditions apply)
  • Professional Photography (conditions apply)

Businesses that have already applied for the Trading Online Voucher, can apply for a second voucher if upgrades are required.

An application can be made for this voucher, through

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Temporary VAT Rating for supplies of PPE

Revenue have confirmed that there will be a temporary zero VAT rating of supplies of personal protection equipment, ventilators and other medical products when supplied to the HSE, hospitals, nursing homes, etc for us in the treatment of Covid-19.

This will be in effect from 9th April 2020 to 31st July 2020, subject to review.

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Changes to Covid-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme

Revenue have now issued confirmation of key changes made to the Covid-19 Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme as announced by Minister of Finance, Paschal Donohoe.

Who does this apply to?

This will apply to all those earning up to €500 per week / €31,000 approx. per year and for those earning over €586 per week / €38,000 approx. per year. There is no change to the qualifying criteria for employers to the scheme.

The key changes are as follows;

  • 85% subsidy available for employees whose previous average net weekly income did not exceed €412
  • No tapering of the 85% subsidy will apply for those in receipt of it, where the employer makes a ‘top-up’ payment of more than 15% of the employee’s previous pay, to bring it in line to €350 net per week.
  • A subsidy of up to €350 per week to be made payable to all employees whose previous average weekly net pay was between €412 – €500
  • If an employee’s previous weekly net pay exceeded €586 a tiered approach will now apply which takes into account the amount paid by the employer. A maximum subsidy of €350 per week available with a tiered approach.
  • For all employees with a weekly net pay exceeding €960 / €76,000 per year, there is no subsidy available. However, if their net pay is now reduced by 20% as a result of Covid-19, then they will qualify for a subsidy of €205. If their net pay is now reduced by 40% they will qualify for a subsidy of €350.

When does this commence?

From 4th May, this scheme will be fully operational for all payroll submissions to Revenue. The transitional wage subsidy scheme will remain in place until that time.

To recap, there were 2 phases to the Wage Subsidy Scheme;

Phase 1 –

Transitional phase that adds onto the Employer Refund Scheme in effect since 15th March 2020, under which the employer got a refund of €203 per week per employee it kept on payroll. The subsidy scheme is increasing this to €410 maximum regardless if the employer makes an additional payment to the employee or not.

Phase 2 –

The scheme is aiming to be in operation no later than 20th April 2020 and subsidies paid to each employee will be based on their average net weekly pay, subject to the maximum weekly amounts. There will be further updates on this Phase issued shortly.

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Covid-19 Revenue Guidelines for certain filing obligations

Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP)

Employers usually have 90 days in which to file for an employee’s SARP relief, this has now been extended by 60 days.

Revenue have issued this guideline to provide sufficient time for employers to file this return but Revenue are open to consideration on a case by case basis.

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Restricted Stock Unit (RSU)

The 31st March filing deadline for foreign credits provided through payroll, has been suspended. This will now be included in the standard Income Tax Deadline of 31st October 2020.

Share Schemes

Filing deadlines for all 2019 share schemes have been extended from 31st March to 30th June 2020.

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