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Annual Gift Exemption

In general, a gift from one individual to another may result in either Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) at 33% falling due, or a reduction in the recipient’s lifetime tax free threshold.

However, CAT legislation allows for an exemption from tax for the first €3,000 of any gift given by one individual to another, per year. Read more

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Dwelling House Relief

Dwelling House Relief allows for a residential property to be passed to an individual free of Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), once certain conditions have been met.

Due to this relief being “used in a manner that was outside the original intention”, The Minister for Finance proposed a number of changes in the last budget, which were signed into law on the 25th December 2016.

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Inheritance & Gift Tax

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is a charge on both inheritances & gifts over certain limits.

With Revenue receipts from CAT up over 65% since 2011 this area of taxation has become more and more researched when it comes to providing for your nearest and dearest, in the most tax efficient manner possible. Read more