Recently, Revenue published their 2016 Annual Report. Here are just some of the findings and results;


  • Net receipts increased by 4.7% on 2015 to €47.95 billion in 2016 – the highest figure for net receipts in the history of the State!
  • The overall yield from audit and compliance intervention activity was €555.6 million.
  • 10,886 instalment arrangements were agreed, covering €103m in debt. This was an increase of 28% on 2015 and was mainly due to Revenue’s focus on smaller cases with unpaid debt. Requests for Revenue to participate in personal insolvency arrangements increased 68% on 2015.
  • Over 193,000 calls were received by the new 1890 Business Taxes phonelines in the second half of 2016. Revenue has commented on the cost of calling 1890 services from mobile phones in some cases and will explore other alternatives, as technologies allow.
  • The new Revenue website will be launched in June 2017. It is intended to be more user-friendly, accessible from multiple devices and include content tailored to customer needs
  • Revenue has been investing in its online services, including enhancing MyEnquiries and pre-populating RCT data on returns. Work is currently underway on designing a real-time PAYE regime with input from a range of stakeholders.
  • Revenue has been exploring the opportunities to support trade through improved Customs procedures. Revenue will be working closely with the Department of Finance as matters develop on Brexit.