Further from our previous blog on the deferral of amendments to Local Property Tax (LPT) until 2021, Mr Paschal Donohoe is reported to have confirmed that there will be an expansion of properties subject to LPT over time, that won’t result in higher bills for those households that already pay it.

By expanding the numbers of households liable to pay LPT will reduce the need to impose higher property tax on existing LPT payers.

Mr Donohoe stated that;

Any changes have to be modest and affordable’, existing LPT payers ‘doesn’t see a change’. For some, if they do see a change, it’s a change by a single band

As reported in the Irish Independent,

The latest figures from Revenue suggest substantial compliance with the existing LPT regime, with 98pc of assessed households paying the tax in 2018. Revenue says it collected €482m in LPT last year. The owners of around 49,000 properties applied for exemptions citing a wide range of issues, ranging from pyrite damage to charitable use.

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