Further to our blog on 05th December 2019, Revenue have confirmed they have deferred any amendments to flat rate expenses until 2022. This, they say, is due to the major changes to the labour market caused by the pandemic.

As covered in our previous blog, 20th November 2019, Revenue had undertaken a review of these to be withdrawn from 1st January 2020 but due to ongoing pressure and opposition from various trade unions was postponed until 01st January 2021.


Do you qualify for Flat Rate Expenses in relation to your profession?

Flat Rate Expenses are employment expenses claimable depending on the profession you are in. To ensure you claim this entitlement if available to you,  check out Revenue’s list of qualifying professions here

It’s worth noting that the following professions have now been added for the years 2019 & 2020;

  • Dietitians
  • Medical Scientists
  • Phlebotomists
  • Social Workers
  • Speech & Language Therapists


If you qualify for flat rate expenses, you can still claim these for the tax years 2016 – 2019. But note, the deadline for claiming for the year 2016, is 31st December 2020!


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