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Tax-Dodging Blackspots

According to an article in today’s Business Post (05th March 2018), tax-dodging ‘blackspots’ across the country have been revealed.

Indicators show people living in north county Dublin where ‘seven times more likely to be brought to court for not paying their taxes than people in Mayo’

The Revenue secured judgments worth €55.8m against 1,422 individuals and companies in 2016, and judgments worth €50.2m against 1,408 parties last year.

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Pre-Letting Expenses

The Finance Act 2017 now provides for the deduction of pre-letting expenses against rental income where the property has been vacant for at least 12 months and which is then let as residential premises between 25th December 2017 and 31st December 2021.

• The expenditure must have been incurred in the 12 months before the premises is let.
• The deduction is capped at €5,000 per vacant premises.
• If the person who incurs the expenses ceases to let the property as a residential premises within 4 years of the first letting the deduction will be clawed back

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Ireland v the rest of the world: Do we pay too much tax?

Interesting article in Irish Times on 26th September 2017

With the budget fast approaching, tax cuts are on everyone’s minds. But is it time for a wider analysis of our tax system?

It’s not something we’re inclined to do. Typically, each year the focus is on helping whoever is in power to stay there by offering some form of sweetener to voters on budget day, be that a cut in taxes or an increase in welfare payments.

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