The NPPR charge was introduced between the years 2009 – 2013 as a payment of €200 per annum on 2nd and subsequent properties. This payment was payable whether the property was rented out or not.

Where a property has been let, historically this payment was NOT allowable as a deduction against income tax.

A case has been taken to The High Court regarding this and the court has ruled that this should be an allowable expense. This has now been appealed by Revenue Commissioners to the Court of Appeal.

Should Revenue’s appeal be unsuccessful, the years 2009 – 2012 cannot now be amended, due to their 4-year statutory time limits. Revenue have advised that until the result of their appeal is known, they will not amend any 2013 assessments or process refunds, which could result in landlords missing out if a ruling is not made until 2018.

To address this Revenue are making available a facility on their website available from the 3rd April 2017 to lodge your claim for 2013 only. If your claim is not submitted in 2017, it will not be allowable.

IMPORTANT – Revenue have indicated that this information “is exempt from or not required to be published under the Freedom of Information Act 2014”, therefore this information could be missed by thousands of landlords.

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