To date, there are over 300,000 homeowners with overdue Local Property Tax Returns. The Local Property Tax return was due by 1st November 2021 for the valuation period 2022-2025. Revenue will be contacting these homeowners over the coming weeks to submit their return.

Revenue have issued the following statement to homeowners who are yet to submit their valuation return;

“All residential property owners were required to submit an LPT return to Revenue last November. A key part of the return is selecting the LPT valuation band that applies to the market value of the property at November 1st, 2021.We are writing to property owners who haven’t yet submitted their LPT return as a reminder that it is a legal requirement to do so. Regardless of whether you have paid in full or have a rollover payment arrangement in place or even where you agree with the notice of estimate that Revenue has made for your property, you still need to file an LPT return to confirm the correct valuation band of your property. Such property owners now need to make sure that they engage with Revenue and submit their LPT return.”

The new band structure is below; These valuations will be reviewed every 4 years. All new properties built between valuation dates will be retrospectively valued as if they had existed on the preceding valuation date and become liable on the next liability date (1 November).

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