Recently, the Government announced and agreed a recognition payment of €1,000 to be made to all frontline healthcare workers, to recognise their role during the pandemic.

So, who does this apply to?

  • Frontline Healthcare workers (including agency staff working for the HSE)
  • Private Sector Nursing Homes and Hospice Staff affected by Covid-19
  • Long term residential care facility staff (including Section 39 voluntary organisations)


Terms of payment

  • Staff must have been employed between 1st of March 2020 and 30th of June 2021
  • These employees must be confirmed as working in COVID-19 exposed healthcare environments by their employer.
  • For part-time eligible employees, the payment will be pro-rated; i.e
    • employees whose contracted hours are equal to or greater than 60% WTE for their grade shall receive €1,000
    • employees whose contracted hours are less than 60% WTE for their grade shall receive €600
  • For employees who worked less than 4 weeks within the above period, do not qualify.


Tax Exemption

Payment made under the Government’s Pandemic Special Recognition Payment scheme is exempt from income tax, USC and PRSI. The exemption applies to a maximum of €1,000 per qualifying individual and only applies to payments made under the scheme.