So the kids have flown the nest, you find yourself with empty rooms in your home and living on your pension. Your most prized asset, being your family home, could also become a source of tax free income for you.

Introduced to increase the availability of residential accommodation, Revenue allow you to rent a room or rooms in your own home without any tax falling due on this income.

In order to qualify the following conditions must be met;

  • It must be your principal private residence
  • The income must not exceed €12,000 per calendar year (€10,000 prior to 2015). This includes amount for rent, food, laundry etc.
  • You must declare this income in an annual tax return

It is important to note that if you exceed the limits set out above, you could be potentially taxed on all of your rental income, not just on the amount that you exceeded the limits by. There are no requirements to register with the PRTB if you are renting out rooms in your own home.


The above article is for general use only and does not constitute advice. It is accurate based on date of publication and further clarification on possibly rule changes should be sought.

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