Revenue have advised they have sent correspondence to 150,000 homeowners that have failed to meet the payment deadline for Local Property Tax.

Payment methods were to be confirmed by 10th January to pay 2023 Local Property Tax. Those homeowners that have chosen to pay by annual payment would have had their amount debited on 21st March 2023. As some homeowners have not yet set up a payment arrangement or paid, this could result in Revenue enforcing penalties. These penalties can include; mandatory deduction at source from salary or pension, withholding of tax clearance certification, the application of surcharges on income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax returns or offsetting of other tax refunds against LPT arrears.

With last year being the first year that newly liable properties came within the charge to LPT on an annual basis. Owners of properties built during the last year were required to submit an LPT return and set up a payment arrangement for this year.

If you have any queries regarding your LPT obligations, you can contact the LPT Helpline at 01 738 36 26.